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Mind Magic

Over the years many of you have asked if I would do a retreat...

While I have hosted many events related to my work at CCARE, I have never hosted a multi-day retreat. I’m excited to announce that the 1st Mind Magic Compassion Retreat which will be a 3-day event in March of 2025 time that will include me discussing my books, Into the Magic Shop and Mind Magic, as well as the work I have been doing related to compassion.
There will also be a conversation between myself and a good friend who you will all know. I will also go over the six-step program for manifestation and the power of the mind outlined in Mind Magic. I will also give a lecture on compassion, meditation, psychedelics and beyond.
I am in discussion with supporters in various countries including the UK, the rest of the EU, China and South America regarding doing events in these other areas.
During the retreat there will be time to meet and connect with the participants. Additionally, there will be several guests who many of you will know in the compassion, wellness, longevity and coaching spaces who will be available to speak with during the retreat. For some who wish to do so, there will also be the option to have a private meeting with me to ask any questions you may have regarding where you are in  your life and how to move forward to have the life you want.
There will a variety of activities and workshops including yoga, sound healing and meditation, a healthy cooking class, hikes and a variety of others.
I hope you are all as excited as I am.

Hope to see you there !

Got you, thanks!

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