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Dr. James r. Doty

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many were overwhelmed with stress, anxiety and depression. While this epidemic of stress has been growing over the past decade, it was exacerbated by the pandemic and the divisive nature of political discourse. As a result, many people feel disconnected, inauthentic, and unhappy, while questioning the source of their unhappiness when they presumably have “everything”—an absence of compassion, for oneself and others, is often the answer.

Many of us don’t understand the nature of self-compassion nor the power of compassion to improve our lives and remedy our suffering. By entering the “Magic Shop,” Jim will share his wisdom and introduce a variety of techniques to change the course of one’s life and share his own lessons learned through the exchange of untold stories of his guests. He will explore topics from consciousness and psychology to faith and spirituality. Jim will also engage his listeners by answering questions and interviewing those who are willing to share their own stories of challenge and hardship.

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